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Jesteś tym co jedz produkty bezglutenowe Yummity

Yummity gluten-free healthy dishes

We are uncompromising and your health is our top priority, so our products are developed by dieticians, who rely solely on raw materials rich in nutrients and fiber, such as amaranth, quinoa, sorghum and buckwheat.


a certified gluten-free composition is our priority

No added starch

Yummity brand is completely starch-free

Clean label

100% natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives, colorants or thickeners


Thanks to carefully selected ingredients, our meals and baked goods are full of flavor. Oriental and exotic spices

Wholesome and easy to prepare

our mixes are developed by dieticians to fulfil your everyday nutritional needs. Their preparation is easy, has just a few steps and requires only basic cooking skills

Made of safe raw materials

every ingredient comes from a reliable and trusted source