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Superfoods – Apples

Superfoods don’t only come as expensive seeds and fruits from far away countries: just look at the common apples, which has surprisingly good influence on your health. Exactly as wise people say: an apple a day keeps doctor away.

In natural medicine apples have been used as a cure for children’s diarrhea and adults’ peptic ulcer. Apple peel infusion is a perfect cure for mouth and throat inflammation. Apples prevent colorectal cancer due to their fiber content – they regulate metabolism, thus preventing constipation and other intestine diseases.

They protect you against atherosclerosis and myocardial infarction – they decrease absorption of cholesterol.

They support brain functions.

They cleanse your body from toxins – pectin help binding toxins, which are later removed from your body.

Nearly half of the apple vitamin C content can be found directly beneath the peel. This is why you should eat raw unpeeled apples. Small ripe apples growing on the sunny side of the tree are richest in vitamin C. The more sour an apple variety is, the more vitamins it contains.

You can find dehydrated apples and sour cherries in our muffins.

Recommended by Aneta Korzeniecka, nutritionist